Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reindl Randomness Release!

Hi all, I decided to start a blog because a lot of my family members say "You'd better write that down or you'll never remember that" in reference to all the crazy, cute and annoying things that my kids do. So, I thought a blog would be most natural for our family considering that we spend entirely too much time on the computers- what's a few more minutes?!

Today was a beautiful day outside- sunshiny and warm(er). I received some "hostage hostas" from a co-worker, so Daniel and I dug out the yucky plants on the side of the house by the dining room and put in the hostas. I hope they work out- I am not much of a gardener. While planting them, Daniel was digging in the dirt and I was trying to get him to touch a worm. He's kind of a dirtaphobe so I wanted him to not be afraid of it. At first he wouldn't touch them as they were all full of dirt (surprisingly) and were slimy. He eventually picked one up and was watching it "do tricks" (In other words, the worm was squirming). He "built a new home" for the worms and bugs in the dirt and was transplanting every worm he could find to it. He also liked the little bugs (which he called "Rollie pollies"). It was a fun afternoon.

Molly has started to talk more and more! It's a lot of fun because she's starting to include facial expressions with it. Such as, when disciplining her doll, she looks up over her nose at the doll while saying "no no". She also has re-discovered pacifiers and so we've been working on hiding those again. She reverts back to baby ways when she has a pacifier- like, she cries and crawls on the floor. I don't really want that, but she hides them for later, so, we're always looking for them. She also is at the stage where she repeats what she says over and over again until you finally say it back to her- oh so fun! But, she's just too cute for her own good.

I only have 10 more school days left in the school year! Unbelievable! God has really blessed me this year, and I am staying on at OCS (South!). Next year I'll be teaching Kindergarten in the AM and 2nd in the PM. I'm excited for it and I love the ladies that I work with!!